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gemak! sessions is all about creating an audio-visual environment for promising dj's, a personal spotlight in between our events

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He has a kink, you could say, for edgy soundscapes. For him, the real art form behind deejaying is challenging yourself as a selector, to create eccentric highs & intimate lows by fusing elements from all corners of the spectrum. And like this… pave the way for an ever-surprising musical journey.

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Milan Evens

A young man straight outta Bilzen with an exceptionally mature vision on music and the art of spinning. His passion for electronic music knows no limits, translating it into an energetic set, filled with floorheaters! Wether it’s digital or on vinyl, Milan Evens strives to share his love for the craft.

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Inspired by 90s club culture, Joonch provides a sweet blend of spacy tunes ranging from downtempo to progressive trance. With an aim to make you float on the dancefloor, and to make your worries fade away, immerse yourself into Joonch’s sonic universe. 

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Our first gemak! Sessions guest who kicked off our try-out event and did so in style! Serving up that heat with some heavy basslines & even heavier grooves.

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She joined our first gemak! Sessions after Casimir and blew us away with a cozy trance set! Get ready for an enigmatic journey filled with ominous beats and spacy melodies

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With a combo of dark grooves, bleeps, bloops & rumbling basslines, he joined our first gemak! Sessions with style! At the end of the set, 2spade’s selection was getting too groovy, which caused our amplifier to burn out

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