Who are you and what do you do in your daily life?
I'm Casimir, I'm mainly interested in music, that's pretty much all my world revolves around.

I am also passionate about language because I study language & literature. I have a very strange obsession with Latin. I find that a mysterious language, like a puzzle that I want to solve.

My friend Manu (UITWEG) raps and I am also very involved with that. He sends everything he does to me and we both have that passion for language. I like a bit of everything, all genres of music and I try to open my mind as much as possible to different things. I also try to play as many different things as possible during my sets, making it a bit difficult for myself, but making sure I don't play the same thing every time.                          

Has music always played a big part in your life?
My parents raised me very well music wise. They have opened me up to many different things. For example, the parents of a friend of mine listen to a lot of afro and reggae and I picked up some of that there too. My whole family are also music fans.

When did you start DJ’ing? 
I've been playing for about two years, I think I bought my controller a year and a half ago, but I first started by playing along with a friend sometimes. The mix that I submitted for gemak was also the first time that I had recorded something decent and I thought it was a nice challenging experience.

I also recently discovered Soundcloud, it is difficult to find something but once you find something it is worth the search.

What is something that keeps coming back in your music taste? 
In terms of party music: Trance, everything in terms of trance especially. Yesterday I went to novo amor, which is something completely different and very intimate music. I also really like SWIM, for example. For the outro song of my set I was hesitating to play one of his but it didn't fit in terms of keys. His music is really an explosion of melodies and atmosphere, he is dropping a lot of new stuff and he has a lot of bootlegs that he plays but doesn't release. I also played an afro set at a birthday party recently, so I listened to solely afro for a month to really prepare for that set. For gemak, I've also been listening to a lot of SoundCloud, so it's a bit of everything.

With which dj do you want to share a dj booth? 
Mischluft, it is a DJ who recently appeared on modulair and can be compared a bit to badboombox. I think his energy is nice and he is also a bit low-key. But he can really get the audience involved. I really think he's going to be big this year.

Do you have some advice for beginning dj’s? 
Buy a pioneer FLX4 and a good USB and just do it. I now have a sandisk USB, but before that, I had another one and it is important that you have a reliable one that you can count on.

And just try, that's what I'm doing now. It could be that a set will not be great, that's all possible, but then that's how it is, and you just have to keep going.

Interview by Tim Borlez

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