with Casimir

Who are you?

I am Casimir, I have been DJing for about 2 years now, recently also with vinyl. I've been practicing that more and more. I often play in Leuven, where I also study. So far, it's been mostly at the Social Club or 'den AperO,' and on December 9th, I'll be playing at C12. I started by jumping on the Hard Techno train, but I've stepped away from it for a while now because I don't find it as enjoyable anymore.                          

Was this change a long time coming, or was it a more sudden change?
I felt like everyone was starting to do it, and I'm not as much of a fan anymore. I also don't go to those hard techno parties anymore.

You've been a DJ for two years now, what inspired you to get behind the decks? 
Most people start by DJing and then move on to making music. For me, it was the other way around. I started messing around on Logic during the lockdown to make some music. Once the lockdown was over, and the parties were back, I was like, 'Yeah, I want to start DJing.'

Are there certain artists or styles that influence your sets, or is there a specific theme? 
I think it's important to have a good build-up, for it to make sense. I find a good bassline important; it can bring a lot of groove to a track.

And are there certain artists that shape your taste as a DJ or producer? 
Currently, I'm producing a few tracks, and Larry Heard and Mr. Fingers are two producers I occasionally try to draw inspiration from. But, I try to switch tracks as much as possible because if you have five songs from the same producer in your set, it's not very varied.

What was your most enjoyable experience as a DJ? 
I haven't played much yet, in my opinion. It should start happening more. The biggest gig so far was the Open Air at C12 in Circle Park.

Soon you'll have your first C12 Clubnight; are you looking forward to it?
I still need to buy some records (laughs). I also want to play as much as possible on vinyl there. It's going to be stressful, I think, but I have to open the club night, so that's chill.

Are there specific venues or events where you really want to play? 
C12 was definitely on the list, so that's already checked off. I'm often in Vilvoorde at the Asiat Park, and what Horst is doing is really cool, and I have a lot of respect for it, so I'd like to play there.

You're also a co-founder at MACADAM, how did you get into that? 
Just during the lockdown, chatting with six friends, and when the nightlife returned, we wanted to do something, and then we started MACADAM! We've had two parties so far, and everything is going well.

As a conclusion; is there a message you want to share with aspiring or hesitant DJs? 
Now you caught me off guard (laughs)... I think not wanting to be too hasty. First, understand and appreciate the sounds and things you want to convey to the audience. Don't be TOO quick."

Interview by Tim Borlez

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