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Who are you?

I'm Milan Evens, I live in Bilzen, Limburg, close to Hasselt. I'm 19 years old, and for about three years now, I've been quite involved with music, especially in the Underground House scene, also Disco House, and a bit of everything in between. I really enjoy spinning records and getting people to dance.                          

What do you do in your daily life? What do you enjoy?
I'm currently still in school. I'm studying electromechanics. I have a pretty busy schedule with my classes and everything, but after school, I often spend my time spinning records. I have a pretty cool DJ booth set up in my room, where I always hang out when I'm not at school. When I wake up, I put on one of my records, and when I go to sleep, I put one on as well. It's definitely a constant variable throughout my day-to-day life. Music really uplifts me; it makes me happy, and I can keep myself occupied with it.

You recently joined Juicy's agency, how did this come about? 
[Juicy's Agency was founded by Akim (also present)]

Akim: I think we first met at De Serre in Hasselt. We both played there at a release party for someone. He invited several DJs from different backgrounds and genres, and we noticed that we had the best connection musically, since we're both heavily inspired by house music. From there, we kept in touch, and I visited him in Bilzen; in his basement where he has a really cool setup and atmosphere. We recorded a video together there, and it went pretty well. At that time, the plans for the agency were still quite early, but I immediately asked him if he was interested in joining if he had the chance. I already noticed that he's very ambitious and his music taste is very mature for his young age. So, I saw potential in him. That's how we started. It's going quite well now because we're getting quite some bookings at the moment.

What is your highlight as a DJ according to you so far? 
Actually, yesterday. I was DJing at "Hoge Druk," in an indoor skate park in Hasselt. There are several parties that I enjoy as much, but yesterday stood out for sure; the adrenaline you get from it keeps you going for a few days. You're DJing for all these people you don't know, who don't know you or your music, but they're really giving it their all. And if you also get a lot of positive feedback on top of that, it feels really good.

How would you describe your sets? What do you bring forward? 
For me, the main thing is to play music that people don't know but will still get them dancing. These are often records that I find on YouTube with a few hundred views. I try to find them on vinyl. Sometimes I just go to a record store, grab a stack, and start digging; listening to each one individually and picking out the gems.

How do you see your future as a DJ? 
For me, school has always been priority number one. I still want to do what I love and see where it takes me. I would like to be able to organize something myself and regularly show up for gigs in other places. Besides that, I hope that now I’m with Juicy's agency, some great opportunities will come our way.

Do you have a dream venue or location where you'd like to play?
I would definitely love to play in the “Motion Room” (Fuse), which seems relatively achievable in a few years' time. Also, “The Booth” (Pukkelpop) for sure. This because a lot of people I know go to Pukkelpop, and I think it could be really fun for people who know me but don't necessarily know my music, to get exposed to it there. Also, more underground events, like "Dekmantel"; especially those places where people really come for the music.

What can we expect from you in 2024? 
This summer I’ll be having a gig in Limburg that still has to be announced, warming up for quite a big name in the scene, but more info on that later! I'm also playing at "De Plantage" as the warm-up for Lefto Early Bird. That'll be a three-hour set, so I'm already working on that. Besides that, Genk On Stage is also coming up. There are really cool things ahead, actually. And yes, also an all-nighter with Kleinefrigo at Café AperO, not to forget. That's going to be a fun party too.

What advice do you have for someone eager to start as a DJ? 
Just keep doing your own thing. Don't necessarily look at what works for others. You might see a DJ with a specific genre, and it  works well for that person, but if you don't have a connection with that genre, you don't have to chase after it. Stay true to yourself and dive into what you love. Eventually, it will come. And if it doesn't, you still had a lot of fun with the records, the DJ booth, listening to music with your friends, and the experiences gained. That's really my approach. I think that's also what Juicy's Agency stands for; to be a bit controversial.

(Akim): Dare to be yourself and stay true to it.

(Milan): Even if it doesn't work out.

(Akim) And even if you upload a set online and it only gets 50 clicks, believe in yourself and the rest will come naturally. If people see that you're truly passionate, everything else will progress.

As a conclusion; is there a message you want to share with aspiring or hesitant DJs? 
Now you caught me off guard (laughs)... I think not wanting to be too hasty. First, understand and appreciate the sounds and things you want to convey to the audience. Don't be TOO quick."

Interview by Tim Borlez

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