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Who are you?

I'm Jona, I’ve just turned 20, currently studying in Brussels, and I grew up in the beautiful Oud-Heverlee near Zoete Water.


What drives you in life?
In my studies, I'm into audiovisual arts; focusing on camera, lighting, sound, and everything around that. In my free time, I'm often involved with music. I’m constantly listening to music. Besides, I also play football, in a pub team, which is usually followed by a few beers afterwards ;)

What initially led you to start as a DJ?
It mainly came from my local “jeugdhuis”, I think. As a "young boy", around the age of 17, I got introduced to that kind of music thanks to Arnout and Brecht. Since then, I could sometimes be found behind the DJ booth. The passion came because I always found that kind of music interesting, a bit further away from the "standard” music. From there, I started going to events like "nacht" or "Horst". Especially at Horst, the idea of "I want to be up there" emerged. My brother also bought a ddj-200, and of course, I wanted to try it out immediately. He took me to certain places where I could play from time to time. That's how it all came together.

Apart from DJing, are you creative or musical in other areas, like in your field of study?
As I said, I'm mainly into lighting. For example, "Terras Moves" is a collective/event that we started from the youth center with some friends. I also plan to buy a synthesizer soon to make my own music. If I find a song and think, "why isn't there a remix of this yet?" then I can just make it myself. That's a goal for the near future.

Is there a specific meaning behind "joonch"? 
"Joonch" is the nickname I've had for a long time. I was debating for some time between “Joonch” and "Tapir", like the anteater. That nickname came from playing football, apparently because of the way I walk. So, a very special nickname... “Joonch”, on the other hand, is a nickname that has stuck with me since high school, hence.

What are your goals/wildest dreams as a DJ?
I definitely want to play at Horst. It's currently the coolest and hippest festival in Belgium in my opinion. We can also set smaller goals, like playing at "Stelplaats", for example. That would be really nice too. The main goal is to get people dancing; when I see them enjoying themselves, I'm happy too.

Do you have a message you want to convey to future DJs? People who are hesitant to get behind the booth?
I think your music selection is very important. Don't spend all your time practicing to get a perfect mix, or using tons of effects on every track, for example. Let your music speak for your DJing and your audience; I think that resonates to my personal style of DJing. Let the music do its thing and don't slap on thousands of filters. For a DJ, what you play is more important than how you mix it, in my opinion.

Interview by Tim Borlez

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