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Ava Eva

With a wide range of genres at her fingertips, Ava Eva takes the dancefloor on a musical journey through different decades, constantly flipping between them to create the perfect clubbing atmosphere. From positive trance to punchy euphoria, Ava Eva provides it all!

With gigs at venues like Pukkelpop, Fuse, Core Festival and Funke, expect a versatile set sure to leave the dancefloor thrilled and exhausted!

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Flying over from the pituresque Padua, Italy, one of our cherished resident Dj’s Reno is one that stands out!

With a varied selection of tunes ranging from Heavy Percussion to club-ready Jungle, Reno jumps from one style to an other, keeping everyone on their toes!

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Born and raised in Leuven, Artaud Myard, aka ArTo grew up with a daily dose of Jazz and Soul sounds coming from the living room in his parental house. This made his love for music undeniable, starting from a young age

With sets all around Leuven, some recorded sets on soundcloud/mixcloud that even aired on, ArTo is starting to make a name for himself in the local scene.

Being inspired by minimal, 90’s house and proggy/tribal house, he takes the crowd on a journey to a fictional state of mind in which they can fully immerse themselves in the moment.

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Malo Z

Malo Z brings a remarkable track record of performances at esteemed venues and events such as Gay Haze @ C12, Habitat Festival, and Kumiko Izakaya All Night Long. His set promises to be a captivating voyage, steeped in the rich tapestry of 90's oldschool club sounds, providing a nostalgic and entrancing sonic experience that transports us back to the heyday of electronic music. A set filled with timeless beats and infectious rhythms as Malo Z guides us through this sonic time capsule.

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Lukas Van Impe

With our focus on fresh & local talent, Lukas Van Impe, Leuven resident, will provide a varied and creative set. Ranging from neoclassical Minimal House to Afro House, utilising interesting rythms, he’ll be certain to move your dancing feet! Central to his sets are heavy percussion, euphoric vocals & his energetic presence.

His main goal for our night was to create a melancholic, but sweeping ambience with intense melodies and non-stop rythms!​

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Leuven-based Hanne combines airy ambient sounds, delicate synths, and rhythmic beats to form ethereal melodies. She brings a soft, dreamy atmosphere, with references to Boards of Canada and early Yung Lean / Drain Gang cloud rap-beats. While still new to performing, Hanne has built up a live-show in which she brings together live-electronic elements with piano playing and singing. 

A wait-and-see approach that slowly builds up and enriches itself with new elements, coming together to form a more pop-based climax.

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With a passion for music that captures the energy and emotion of the dance floor, kleinefrigo brings energetic sets that blend the best of House, Techno, and Disco. His sound is driven by deep basslines, groovy rhythms and illuminating melodies.

As a producer, he quickly started making a name for himself in the Lo-Fi House scene, earning a reputation as a producer with an ear for catchy melodies and infectious grooves. With a growing discography of releases on respected underground labels such as Withinagrave Records, HOUZ and Filth Inc., Kleinefrigo is ready for more. His unwavering passion for music, and his contagious energy and enthusiasm make him a great addition to the Leuven dj-scene! 

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mogu mogu

mogu mogu has a keen focus on electronic music, blending deep, futuristic synths with spacey sounds to create a unique and unforgettable experience. With a wide range of styles, including electro, house, garage, and acid, it's no wonder he was invited to play at StuBru and other events in Leuven such as Lo Rock, Yukatan and Tram C.

But that's not all - mogu mogu is also a rising dj in the Leuven music scene, having earned his stripes as a resident at Café AperO. He's sure to bring the heat and get the crowd moving with his infectious and swampy eclectic music-taste.

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Rick Baguette

Exactly like a French bakery, Rick Baguette comes hot and steamy. To him, minimal music is about experimenting with different approaches to the genre. 
His hypnotizing sounds wrapped in bleeps and bloops fade into more progressive and uplifting basslines. 

As well as DJ'ing, he supports the scene with his own party- and radio concept 'Radio Hot Buns', in which he invites his favourite bakers from all over the world to share their skills. Everyone knows that music is best served in a hot bun.

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