Played at 'Clubnacht met gemak! - Rick Baguette, Lukas Van Impe, Hanne (live), mogu mogu b2b Kleinefrigo'.

Date 12.05.2023
Settime 04:00-END. 

Visual by Ernest Thiesmeier

With a passion for music that captures the energy and emotion of the dance floor, Kleinefrigo brings energetic sets that blend the best of House, Techno, and Disco. His sound is driven by deep basslines, groovy rhythms and illuminating melodies.

As a producer, he quickly started making a name for himself in the Lo-Fi House scene, earning a reputation as a producer with an ear for catchy melodies and infectious grooves. With a growing discography of releases on respected underground labels such as Withinagrave Records, HOUZ and Filth Inc., Kleinefrigo is ready for more. His unwavering passion for music, and his contagious energy and enthusiasm make him a great addition to the Leuven dj-scene!​

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