Rick Baguette

Played at 'Clubnacht met gemak! - Rick Baguette, Lukas Van Impe, Hanne (live), mogu mogu b2b Kleinefrigo'.

Date 12.05.2023
Settime 02:00-04:00.

Rick Baguette @ Clubnacht met gemak!
Visual by Ernest Thiesmeier

Exactly like a French bakery, Rick Baguette comes hot and steamy. To him, minimal music is about experimenting with different approaches to the genre.

His hypnotizing sounds wrapped in bleeps and bloops fade into more progressive and uplifting basslines.

As well as DJ'ing, he supports the scene with his own party- and radio concept 'Radio Hot Buns', in which he invites his favourite bakers from all over the world to share their skills. Everyone knows that music is best served in a hot bun.

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