mogu mogu

Played at 'Clubnacht met gemak! - Rick Baguette, Lukas Van Impe, Hanne (live), mogu mogu b2b Kleinefrigo'.

Date 12.05.2023
Settime 04:00-END.

Visual by Ernest Thiesmeier

With a profound passion for electronic music, mogu mogu blends deep, futuristic synths with spacey sounds and so, creating a sonic journey.

Having gained recognition as a Café AperO resident DJ in Leuven, mogu mogu has become a driving force in the Leuven music scene. His infectious and swampy eclectic music-taste has earned him a spot at venues such as @studiobrussel, Lo Rock, Yukatan, and Tram C.

mogu mogu's versatile style covers a wide range of genres, including electro, progressive, house, garage, and some more acidic. He finds it important to experiment with different approaches.

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