Played at 'Clubnacht met gemak! (Vol. II) - Ava Eva, Malo Z, ArTo, Reno'.

Date 13.10.2023
Settime 23:00-00:30.

Visual by Lupe Arens

Born and raised in Leuven, Artaud Myard, aka ArTo grew up with a daily dose of Jazz and Soul sounds coming from the living room in his parental house. This made his love for music undeniable, starting from a young age.

With sets all around Leuven, some recorded sets on soundcloud/mixcloud that even aired on, ArTo is starting to make a name for himself in the local scene.

Being inspired by minimal, 90’s house and proggy/tribal house, he takes the crowd on a journey to a fictional state of mind in which they can fully immerse themselves in the moment.

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