Played at 'Clubnacht met gemak! - Rick Baguette, Lukas Van Impe, Hanne (live), mogu mogu b2b Kleinefrigo'.

Date 12.05.2023
Settime 23:30-00:15.

Visual by Ernest Thiesmeier

​Leuven-based Hanne Deboutte combines airy ambient sounds, delicate synths, and rhythmic beats to form ethereal melodies. She brings a soft, dreamy atmosphere, with references to Boards of Canada and early Yung Lean / Drain Gang cloud rap-beats. 

While still new to performing, Hanne has built up a live-show in which she brings together live-electronic elements with piano playing and singing. Expect a wait-and-see approach that slowly builds up and enriches itself with new elements, coming together to form a more pop-based climax.

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